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It has been our goal to grow beautiful flowers without the use of unnatural additives, chemicals, or pesticides. Flowers grown onsite start in the greenhouse, most of which are hand seeded and cared for before being planted out into the gardens. The production of these flowers depends on rainwater collection for hydrating during seed production and growing, and regenerative practices such as compost fertilization and no-till methods so that we can replenish the soil as it produces beautiful blooms to share with you! 


Fresh cut flowers, grown onsite, are available from April through October and are available by purchase through our subscription programs, bloom buckets, and on the flower truck.

Fresh Cut Flowers: Our Mission

Each bucket is filled with ready-to-use farm fresh flowers and foliage, picked at peak bloom with a variety of colors and textures. Each stem is grown onsite, starting in our greenhouse, and cultivated using sustainable practices without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Bloom buckets are available seasonally from June to September!

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