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Pin on Lapel Boutonniere | Pocket Square Boutonniere | Wrist Corsage | Handheld Mini Bouquet


Choose "Reserve my flowers" if you are unsure of what items you'll be needing as of now! This deposit will hold your spot, and you will pay the reamining balance upon pickup. Flower style choices and color details will need to be emailed within 2 weeks of event. Flower reservations are non-refundable.


Please provide the following details for your order:

-Date of occasion, school district

-Boutonniere ribbon color (pin on style)

-Wrist corsage cuff base: gold/silver/pearl beaded

-Bouquet ribbon color


Dress photos can be emailed to (be sure to include name/pickup date)



HOCO Pickup:


Butler School District

Saturday, October 7th


Special Occasion Flowers

PriceFrom $24.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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